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Spark Plug

spark plug  (sometimes, in  British English , a  sparking plug , [1]  and, colloquially, a  plug ) is a device for delivering electric current from an  ignition system  to the  combustion chamber  of a  spark-ignition engine  to ignite the compressed fuel/air mixture by an  electric spark , while containing combustion pressure within the engine. A spark plug has a metal  threaded  shell, electrically isolated from a central  electrode  by a  porcelain  insulator. The central electrode, which may contain a  resistor , is connected by a heavily  insulated  wire to the output terminal of an  ignition coil  or  magneto . The spark plug's metal shell is screwed into the engine's  cylinder head  and thus electrically  grounded . The central electrode protrudes through the porcelain insulator into the  combustion chamber , forming one or more  spark gaps  between the inner end of the central electrode and usually one or more protuberances or structures attached to the inner end of the threaded shell and designated the  side earth , or  ground  electrode(s).
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